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Why 2020 is Promising

We believe 2020 will be a year of consolidation of the three upheavals we saw in 2019: backlash against big tech;failure of mega-round driven unprofitable models; and a new relationship with China. Like most crises, these upheavals also afford opportunities, especially in early-stage investments. We intend to lead these opportunities by identifying key market segments that are ripe for intervention.

As we begin 2020, we also see a refocusing on core value proposition, profitable economics, and (we hope) down to earth valuations.

Here at Think +, we enter the new year from a very strong position, having accomplished beyond our initial expectations:

Our focus on the new year will be around our Fund II, as well as redoubling our efforts on three key initiatives:

  • Expanding the Think + Lab ecosystem

  • Expanding our partnership with Stanford and Berkeley

  • Continuing our thought leadership in key areas such as Digital health and consumer trends

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